Insurance Crisis Management 9 items Checklist for Employers

I have developed a checklist for employers to use when initially evaluating the action they are taking to manage their companies handling of the current insurance crisis.

Nine Steps for Getting in control –

1. Do you have an aggressive Employee Communication plan for Wellness and managing health?

2. Are all employees (and their dependents) incentivized to complete Health Risk Assessments (HRA) and engage in managing their diseases?

3. What actions are being taken to insure use of Carrier web site resources by your employees and their dependents?

4. Have you implemented an effective Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

5. Do you utilize your carrier’s utilization management reports to target Disease Management Opportunities and use outreach programs to engage the employees and their dependents in managing their health care?

6. Are you maximizing the potential of periodic Wellness Fairs?

7. Does your stewardship plan for your employees include offering Health Care products that empower employees and their family to better self manage their personal health?

8. How does an Interactive HRIS employee web site fit into your stewardship plan?

9. Have you considered putting employee benefits on CD for new hires and dependents to assist in employee communications?

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